The Issue of Ship Farming for Leaderboards


Sea Legs
In SvS, it is possible to activate multiple accounts with separate ships in order to sink them using another. The result of this is a large number of inactive ships on one team, while the main account farms them on the other. Either for gold or for infamy, this farming method is reasonable. However, the issue lies in the newly-discussed leaderboards soon to be entering the game. I believe that such actions, at least in SvS, should not be counted toward ANY records in the soon-to-be leaderboards as they are not legitimate. There are three solutions to this problem: patch or ban ship farming, "mark" illegitimate SvS records, or eliminate SvS record-keeping as a whole. I'm not concerned about the farming aspect of this strategy, but I AM genuinely concerned about the potential addition of these cheap records in the leaderboards.

Eric Sailcutter

Pirate Lord
Hmm... I recon you are right that it’s possible to cheat on SvS leaderboards. I’m pretty sure some amount of this would be difficult to identify. I don’t think that SvS should be removed from leaderboards. This really leads me to feel that the answer should be that any account identified as doing this should be permanently banned from the SvS leaderboard. I don’t think punishments should go beyond that at all. Of course there should also an appeal process since everyone makes mistakes even moderators.

Nate Dreadshot

Wanted Pirate
I don't know guys, I feel like the punishment is in itself with this. For example, someone wanting to climb rank on enemies defeated could siege KH marching grounds instead of gold room but it would be a complete waste of time. If someone wants to waste their time like that who cares. It would still take an insane amount of time but they'd get no worthwhile loot in the process. If someone wants to farm svs sinks on their own who cares, it would still take an insane amount of time except no one would know their name in svs as a good svser anyway, so the people who care would know.

Eric Sailcutter

Pirate Lord
I’m pretty sure that the poker leaderboards in potco had some of this sort of thing going on. There was a pirate that seemed to come from nowhere and rocket to far above all other players, not long after he was removed and the top position was #2 thereafter. There was another player that was rising quickly on the poker leaderboard that I happened upon a couple of times and I tried to start a conversation but was met with silence, I suspect that she was a bot. It’s think it’s likely possible to set bots up to win at SvS on a quiet server with no “insane amount of time” expenditure on the culprits part. Really, regardless of how or how much time is involved, cheating should not be rewarded. People who legitimately played an worked to the top of the leaderboards should get the recognition, not the cheaters. Otherwise the leaderboards would be meaningless.