The Legend of Captain Kraken (part 2)


As time went on, so did the cursed mans fury grow but who could blame the poor man.

He had trusted Roger like everybody else. He had shown kindness to this man and was repayed by a betrayal and sentenced to death by the very monster he had heard legends of...Jones offered the man a seat on the Dutchman, as he had the legendary captains trust none the less. Kraken however denied his request, but with the same respect he’s always had.

Jones was a powerful being by all means, but the way he treated his crew with brutality from his own betrayal was not something Captian Kraken was appealed to. Jones, however accepted the mans rejection with no ill intentions.
Jones saw this man as he once saw himself, a man who’s hatred had turned him into something ugly and horrible...but for a reason. Jones is still a man underneath all of the anger and hatred he has, he knows this but denies it anyway.

Kraken set off to find Roger, and he did. Roger is mortified at what had happen. The only time Roger feared for his life as he watched the Captains ship, The Screaming Banshie, approached his. His ship towered over his and Roger, now in his cursed body knew he could not do anything to harm this being that stood before him.

Kraken only wanted what he wanted: the very treasure Roger had stolen from him...Roger then immediately attacked but was stopped immediately by his ship being torn and having an enormous hole blown right into it.Severing the bottom half of the ship as Roger and his crew were surrounded. Roger (although very reluctant and enraged by this mansbravery ) gave up the treasure...all that he then saw was the screaming banshee riding away into a green flash of light. Vanishing before his very eyes...