The Life Of A New Pirate

As i arrived on Port Royal unsure of my plans. Just a young pirate with dreams of ruling the world. My plans soon were sidetracked when I ran into a scurvy pirate named sparrow. He talked me into doing his bidding while he sat and drank grog and played cards, but hes like that very persuasive. After I started my quest I met a great group of people called Rejects of the Sea. They all welcomed me in and helped me through the endless tasks to help jack recover the Pearl.
My first time helping in the invasion of Port Royal really made me nervous. I got knocked out alot, but it was interesting and has since got a lot easier. I've seen strange and dark places on my journey through the Caribbean, and have also saw creatures that could only be spawn directly from satin, I have fought just about all of them. Sometimes I get them and sometimes I end up in jail shaking my head wondering how I got there. It's been a great battle to get old Jolly to leave the Caribbean towns alone and go back to the depths where he belongs. I have fought Darkhart so much we are on a first name basis! I can take him now alone, but love when the guild gets together to take him out. He's not as scary as I once thought. Iam still in the fight to rule the Caribbean. It's a long road to the top, but I see the light at the end of this journey and it will be good for all who reside here. We shall finally defeat Jolly for the last time with Sparrow leading the way. That shall be a glorious day in the Caribbean. I have rambled on enough now back to the fight for our freedom and our pirate way of life!
May the winds always be in your sails as it takes you to new and wonderous adventures me mateys.

Dog Daggerhound
Rejects of the Sea
Yep, that sure sums it up. Great Story line Dog. We are glad to have you aboard as we do all our members. :)