The Loss Of Tortuga

William Sunshot

Honorable Pirate
My dear Pirates, I come to you with my head hung low, as we have failed to protect Tortuga from the scourge of Jolly Roger.

It was a day like any other when I found out that there was an invasion approaching quickly. I quickly turned the Conqueror about and headed full speed to Tortuga with a full crew and a ton of cargo. We ported quickly, selling our shares and arming ourselves as quickly as we could. The citizens had erected the barricades already, and there were scores of pirates on the shores.

Dozens of pirates armed to the teeth stood tall, ready for the challenge of Jolly, and they were not disappointed. The dreaded Harkaway made her appearance at the mouth of the bay, and the undead legions stormed out to take the island. The first wave was rough, with scores of pirates going down to the sheer numbers of the undead horde. We toiled on, and with some help from a few well-placed grenades, we beat back the first wave.

Then the second wave came. We were taken by surprise, and lost a few barricades. It was about here when I heard the Faithful Bride itself was under attack. I ran with my crew to go to the defense. I lost two members, good men both, but carried on. My remaining members and I defended the tavern and started heading to the shore when we discovered that there was a huge party of undead coming our way. We dove in, swords a swingin' and guns a blazin', but had to retreat back to the tavern to draw them into the narrow walls in order to defeat them with fire and grenades. I lost a few more men there, and had only two left.

We managed to make it to the third wave, but were quickly beaten by the undead Spanish that walked the shores. We held out for a while, and then got a godsend: the Pirate Masters guild showed up, with ten master pirates to help us out.

Sadly, they were of little help. They lined up and launched wave after wave of flaming skulls at the enemy, but to little effect. When this didn't work, they drew their swords and attacked, but were quickly cut down by the hordes of French that now walked the beaches. I moved to help, but was struck down by a Captain, and received a notice that we had lost the tavern a few seconds later.

Conveniently enough, Captain Jack Sparrow had left in the heat of battle with his crew, and I could swear I could hear laughing and see the infamous black sails of the Pearl as Jolly Roger roared. It was my last memory as I passed out.
How did you do that? Something so 'ordinary' like invasion that we do every other day, turns poetic in your hands ... seriously, I want to check your right side of brain. Did the words just jump out to your mind? Or a lot of practice/reading? I'm a fan!
You truly are a creative writer.It caught my attention just reading the first paragraph.:)
I was struck by your story William, it was great....too bad it wasn't a happy ending for you, but it was and will always be a memorable one! I am so glad Jack managed to escape! Long live Jack Sparrow!