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Recruiting The One-Eyed Pirates

Discussion in 'TLOPO Guilds' started by Chao Hiltz, Jan 8, 2017.

  1. Chao Hiltz

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    Oct 1, 2016
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    I am Chao Hiltz (Kay ō Hiltz) , the captain of the One-Eyed Pirates, I started playing back in 2008 with my old group named the Midnight Falcons. Oh I miss those days, but with a new game comes a fresh start so I am starting up a new guild and I am here to spread the word about it.

    Guild Description
    The One-Eyed Pirates is a crew of pirates that are in it for the love of the game. We are looking for a full and loyal crew to fight along side with. The goal is to rise the ranks and be the best. The name comes from the Great One-Eyed Willy in Goonies. RIP

    • To be respectful to all pirates, even those outside of the crew.
    • No asking for promotions. Promotions are given to those that I feel earned it.
    • No whining
    Raise our flag and plunder the booty of thy enemy!

    Guild Invitation Code

    - @Chao Hiltz

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