The Pirate Rules of Etiquette


Pirate Apprentice
His Royal Majesty proclaims that piracy is against the law unless you are working with Great Britain to take down the pirates; in which case you will be charged with your horrid crimes after you help the crown [with no special treatment or benefits].

That is why the pirates have joined forces in order to take down the crown as well as the East India Trading Company, and even the undead under Jolly Roger. After ten years of pirate life, we the pirates have finally begun to evolve into more civilized people, just like the people we were fighting against in the first place did; which is why these rules of etiquette were created to make sure that pirates did not revert back to their civilized ways.

1. Never use proper pronouns such as "Sir," "Ma'am," "Mister," "Miss," "Misses," or "Majesty."
2. Never refuse a Rum Contest, Duel, or "another drink."
3. Never strap a man named Bill to a cannon and let him sink to the bottom of the Ocean.
4. Never cheat in/on a Rum Contest, Duel, or "another wife."
5. Never obey any rule unless someone tells you to.
6. Never.... wait a second! I don't have to follow any Rules!! These aren't even rules, they are Not-To-Do's!!

REBEL!!!!! REBEL!!!!!! REBEL!!!!!! REBEL!!!!!!!

PIRATES FOLLOW NO RULES. This was all a scandal issued by His Royal Majesty. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

~King George