The Queen Anne’s Revenge Sets Sail! (05/18/11)

Jason Ironskull

Site Founder
The riddle of the Triton parchment has been solved! The “royal bow” of a deadly new ship has indeed been spotted…
and it be none other than the Queen Anne’s Revenge!

Her hull sails full of rich bounty, but overtaking Her be no easy feat. The few Pirates who survived the attempt report Her defenses are strong and her cannons stronger. Still up for the challenge?
Then it be only fair to warn ye of the legend that the Queen Anne’s Revenge be piloted by a soulless crew shackled to the will of Blackbeard himself!

Disable, grapple and board. If ye be lucky enough to survive that much, what awaits you on board may not be so kind. Word has it, Blackbeard’s First Mate and Master-At-Arms have strict orders to feed any unwelcome boarders to the sharks!

Boarding the Queen Anne’s Revenge armed with the enigmatic Sword of Triton gives ye a better chance against those horrors on deck, thanks to the blade’s special ability:
Triton’s Vengeance!

What: Queen Anne's Revenge Flagship
When: The Queen Anne’s Revenge sets sail continuously looking for easy prey
Where: All Oceans in the Caribbean