Tip  The Secret About Potions ;)


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I have heard that some pirates pay there children to do potions for them. This is either genious or infringing on child labor laws lol.
oh god, you found out my secret, but i really dont pay my nephew he just thinks they are so much fun, specially, can i make the fart potion aunty, the burp potion, i just say, bella doesnt, fart, just if you have to do it, make sure no one around, good grief,...then he is happy,..and he likes to fish to,..those things are fun to them.,...hehe


Hey all! Here are some simple steps on how you can master those pesky potions easier! Hope these help :) This certainly can get you a couple levels in a few hours.

Music - For those that are annoyed with the potion brewing music, turn music off in options. If you want to, put a song on that you can jam out to while brewing.

Lag - Be sure you are not on a populated server or have an invasion in progress because lag can sometimes make you misclick and mess your combos up.

Make combos extremely often - For potions that require a certain number of one thing, don't just randomly place all the other items and leave the required item in the corner. Make combos so those stacks don't build up so you don't run out of space. - It works for me.

Choose an easy potion to do - If your level has hard potions, don't do those just yet. Or, if you want to get the next levels potions but don't want a potion from your level, grind on the easiest potion on that level. Do it so you can get those higher potions and continue from there. It will be even better if that potion gives lots of rep too!

Distraction - Do not be distracted while you are brewing. Turn off the TV, etc., and concentrate. Concentration is a huge part in potion brewing! You can loose track of yourself easily and mess yourself up.

Make 5 of each potion - Not only does having 5 of each potion convenient so that you don't run out as often, but so you get more rep! If the potion is easy to do, make a bunch of them!

Make 5 of each number of potion - If you like to use Swift Foot for example, make 5 of I, II, III, etc. It will get you lots of rep and you will be stocked on Swift Foot!

Selling - If you are grinding one potion and get up to 5, you can sell the stack and start over. This can also make you some money.

Gems - When brewing gems or anything higher, be sure to use extra concentration. Constantly keep making combos of the gem's color, and don't forget to make combos of the other ingredients as well. Keep the stacks low.

Time - If you don't have a lot of time to be on, don't make potions. This will cause yourself to speed up and rush yourself most of the time. You never want to rush yourself otherwise you could fail the potion.

If anyone has any other tips, feel free to post them here! :)


you dont have to brew the hard potions to master it. You can brew swift foot until its full and sell it for gold! it is easy and fast. There are higher levels of swift foot also. switch to those as you unlock them. Its an easy potion, you can get a bonus for brewing it fast and if you sell it when its full, gold for shopping!


i have 4 pirates and i found that if you master potions first and sell them by the time your done you have lots of gold to spend. plus it levels you up. if you master fishing next you can level your pirate up to 20 without doing any quests. by the time you master potions and fishing you are at a good level to start quests and be able to stay alive on your own. i thought it was pretty cool


If it took me that long to make potions I would hate it too!

First video. Why doesn't he make the bricks lay so they make the 2 of each right away?

Second video, idk what to say, he cheats and then he makes the potion on Cuba with a 4th component, I can make the potion 2 min faster than him without cheating.

Both potions should not take more than a minut to make

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Wow Amazing!!!
You all make this look so simple. I t may be, but I still hated. I s gotta be a better way, a glitch or something.


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I, for one, love brewing potions! I even wrote the developers and told them that I did lol. But I am just at level 10, so maybe I'm naive ;) But I find it strange that it's like the only skill that doesn't have "abilities." It'd be sweet if you could blow away one ingredient (especially on a recipe that requires a level 5 or 6 ingredient) cause let's face it sometimes things get outta hand and you got one pesky ingredient on the bottom buggering up everything, or change the next pair of ingredients that come out of the bag, something. Also...yeah just mute the in-game music and play your own music...that's what I do.