The Story Of Jason Shipmonger

Jason Shipmonger

Honorable Pirate
Jason Shipmonger was born in Isla Perdida, where his parents Berto Garcia (spanish, father), and Adrienne Le Peur (french, mother) they were very wealthy because of the beasts and monster on the Island, they killed the beasts and sold them to French and Spanish sailors and captains. Berto and Adrienne didn't get along very well, so Jason lived a hard life between his parents fighting a lot. He loved to play with his fathers cutlasses and daggers. He also loved to play with his mothers french knitting kit. When Jason was 12 years old, both his parents died fighting for him, when Jolly Roger sent his undead to the Island. Jason could escape by running in the woods, who he knew like the palm of his hand. Later on Captain Barbossa came to Island and looked for riches, gems, doubloons, any currency he could find. Jack, Barbossa's pet monkey wandered off in the woods and found Jason, sleeping. Jack then plucked Jason's hair and Jason then woke up, later on he was found by Barbossa. They sent to Devil's Anvil and Jason was trained like Barbossa himself.
Barbossa introduced Jason to Captain Jack Sparrow and the Black Pearl crew, then Sparrow told him who sent the monsters to the isle to attack his parents. Jason never forgot the name, Jolly Roger. Jason tried his best to protect the island once he grew up, nothing had changed when he sailed back. Jason stored gems, gold, diamonds, doubloons, and gold in a chest when he was little in a little shack buried under the ground. He then un-buried it and made a living out of the currency in the chest. Jason then lived on as a life of a pirate, discovering new weapons, and hoping one day he will personally kill Roger for what he did to his family...
Some things in the next story:
How his parents met
Why they didn't get along
How Barbossa trained him and raised him
and more!
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I love the stories people write on these forums they are quite grand... i like them even more so when i am involved lol