The Story Of the Bloody mcskipper

on an cool September morning I Began My walk up the stairs of the gallows , wait wait I'm getting ahead of myself let me start from the beginning , I'm the proud owner of the Fire-sail plunderer ,but sadly it sunk and i was going to repair me ship, while i was at darby drydock's shipwright (cough) negotiating a price to repair me lovely ship when These navy Swines barged in and take me away with a bag over me eyes next thing I know I'm standing on the gallows with a noose around me neck and oh i forgot to mention my crew they are fearless,brave,and courageous but sadly they didn't come to help me mainly cause it be bingo night so i figured i would have to get away on me own so luckily i always carry a extra knife in me sleeve cause ye know these day a pirate has to be prepared so anyway I sliced the rope that held me hands together and the sea god must have been smiling upon me that day cause nobody noticed and then as quick as I could i cut the Noose Ran and jumped off a edge and in to the sea. and thats me story :daggermouth: