The Tale of pirate Detective Lucky and the cursed blade (Part 2) (Finale)


“After getting off the Savvy Mermaid, Detective Lucky is curious what the symbol in his hand meant, so he decided to find nd a nearby witchdoctor to find out what it meant. “ Ah..... it appears the Cursed blade gave you the Black Spot. That symbol is noticeable from Davy Johns crew.... I’m afraid I don’t have a cure.... but there IS one way.” The Witchdoctor said. “That Blade is filled with evil. You must return it where you gotten it, but hurry before the Black Spot attracts attention to Jolly Roger crew. If they get you and their too many of them, your fate is at risk.” After waving goodbye, he go back to the cave where he found the blade and quickly buries it before the undead arrives. One look at his palm, and the curse is gone. Happy, he decides to return to searching for buried treasure. Hopefully to find gold.” - The End

I may not be the best.... but really enjoyed typing part 1 and part 2 of my mini chapter. I hope y’all enjoyed. <3