The Tale Of Will Nightwolf

Will Nightwolf

Legendary Pirate
Site Founder

The whole reason I choose the name Will Nightwolf was because one day while I was at darkhart with Will Darkmonk who was my only pirate at the time I saw a girl name Gypsy Nightwolf who is know called Gypsy Nightfire because of the whole having to change your name when banned thing. The second I saw that name I couldn't stop thinking about how awesome that name was. So I logged off of my pirate and immidieatley made a new pirate. That is the day Will Nightwolf was born. I was still in the guild Tessas Terrors when I made that pirate so I brought him into that guild. When I left that guild I took both my pirates out and then I joined Spania. I used Darkmonk pretty much 24/7 and got constant famed with him so I didn't wanna ruin my lucky streak. Eventually the famed stopped coming for him so I decided to use Nightwolf and play on him for a while but he was only lvl 7 when I brought him into the guild and I don't like using low level pirates. Eventually the Raven's Cove update came out and I got Darkmonk the Spinecrest Sword. I wanted the Bitter End Sabre really bad cause everyone was saying how much they loved it. So I decided to lvl Nightwolf to lvl 30 as fast as possible. At lvl 25 he got his first famed the bloodfire broadsword and I was like WOOOOOOOOO. Eventually he became lvl 30 and got Bitter End. After having it for a while I was like this sword sucks, so I used Darkmonk again and started getting a lot of famed. But since darkmonk got full of famed and back then I refused to throw away a single famed I decided to fill up nightwolf with famed. Whenever I brought Nightwolf to darkhart he always seemed to get famed weapons. Before I knew it Nightwolf was constantly getting famed weapons and bright/dark clothes wich made Darkmonks invetory look like junk. So I kept on using Nightwolf and eventually Nightwolf made my pirate Darkmonk obsolete. Nightwolf has gotten better weapons than Darkmonk and better clothes and because of that I almost never use Darkmonk anymore.

Preview of the next series: Old Bones

I originally made Will Old Bones as a joke cause I liked giving my pirate grey hair and a bald spot so I decided to make a old pirate so i cud save money on haricuts. But then I used him for the first time and actually enjoyed lvling Old Bones for some reason so I decided to keep him.