Request The Tavern Music Problem


Honorable Pirate
I love the taverns! One of my favorite places in the game to go and play a few rounds of black jack or poker with friends. And the music! The music is what makes the tavern a good time; its what differs the warmth, comfort, and fun of the bars from the cold, boring, sad, nothing of the Under Ground Parlor games. Not to mention, you can even get up from your card game table, walk up to the musician, and request a song for a meager 5 gold.

I love this feature the most. Especially with all the variety in the music. However; I only have one problem with this. The fact that you have get up, and walk up to the musician.

The problem with this is that if you get up, you are more than likely going to miss the next hand. This might not be a problem for you, but usually by the time that hand is over and you get your new cards, that song is (almost) over, and then you have to get back up, walk over again, and go back. Thus the cycle continues once again.

My idea is that we can get a little collapsible menu while we are sitting at a card table that will allow the user to pick a song (for 5 gold) with out the hassle of getting up and possibly missing out on a hand. It would be just like the menu box you get when talking to the musician with the same songs, but it can be opened and closed conveniently from the comfort of the table.

This is a feature I have always hoped for since the introduction of tavern music.