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The Witcher [2019] (Netflix Series)

SO! First thoughts. Wow, I am absolutely in love with the eight episodes that have been released for S1. As someone who has neither read nor played anything from The Witcher™ franchise, I am entirely engrossed in the main characters of the show here.

Super excited for the next season!

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I love the Witcher 3 game, haven't gotten around to playing the first two games but they are on my list of games to play. I also haven't read the books, so I really have nothing to judge the show on in terms of accuracy as it is before the events of the Witcher 3 (around 10-15 years??). I liked the show and will definitely watch S2 when it comes out, but I did have some gripes about it. My biggest gripe was the weird non-chronological jumps between Ciri, Yennefer, and Geralt. I could be slow but I didn't even really understand it fully until about episode 4 or 5. I watched it with a friend and they didn't really like it or understand it either. I don't mind non-chronological story telling but some sort of indicator, being it a visual or sound transition would signify it much better than a simple cut like they did. That being said, as they all converge at the end of S1 I don't think S2 will have this problem.

One thing I really liked was how Yennefer and Geralt look and behave extremely similarly to how they are portrayed in the Witcher 3. Its a nice little nod to the games I feel as they are both their separate interpretations of the books. Perhaps the books just describe their appearances in such great detail that they are the same but I doubt it. There are some characters though that look very different, such as Triss Merigold. It could just be that the books leave those character's appearances un-described, or the game/show takes creative liberties on that front.

I hope they also introduce some more morally grey or as Geralt would put it "the lesser-evils" into the series. As of right now everything seems pretty bad vs good, evil vs non-evil, black and white situations. From my experience with the game that's really not the case at all in this world. The Witcher 3 has some really dark moments and really horrible consequences to some of your actions as you play as Geralt. It also dives pretty deep into the politics of the Nilfgaardian invasion, and the northern kingdoms. I hope they can capture some of that in the series.
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show was honestly pretty bad butt, all the battle scenes had a really epic scale to them. Definitely the best action show netflix has made.