This Is Random But I Was Just Wondering Why.....


Pirate Lord
Pluto has to live in Mickey's dog house but Goofy gets his own house and drives a car but hes a dog too!


goofy can talk and well u know what its disney let it be what it is pluto is a mute and a normal dog and that means goofy must be magic but no matter what none of them will ever be as cool as mickey mouse
Hmm that's like asking why minnie mouse has three pets .. fifi (the dog)... figaro( the cat).. frankie(the canary)
Since when do mice have cats and birds as pets?
ha good point. i was just wondering...
sorry if it was dumb
Lol its not dumb... When it comes to Disney its better not to ask any questions.. Ull end up wit a headache trying to figure out why they did things
while were listing characters MICKEY!!!! no not from clubhouse mickey or whatever that show is called from the older things like steamboat willy
hippies??? why do u gotta blame the hippies??? what did they ever do to u lol

one creeped me out with his hair while i was in colorado one time O_O his hair was died like 3 diff colors and all were sort of gray.... worst part was he had an afro. AND DISNEY IS NOT A BUNCH OF HIPPIES disney chanel on the other hand i dont even know what to call them