Posted by Keepers of the Code on Nov. 21, 2018, 3 p.m.

It be that time of the year again! Not too many weeks ago were we, the Keepers, drawing swords with the rest of ye pirates on the beaches of Tortuga, fending off wave after wave of the undead horde, as well as one misplaced Navy bilge rat. We didn’t get to celebrate the many victories that were had in those dreadful days, sadly…

So while the Pirate Lords of the Brethren Court scurry off and pillage around the world as though the Code can be viewed as merely guidelines rather than rule of law, those of us who keep to it would rather spend some time feasting in its honour, in the very humble abode of Tortuga. And what a delight it is that such an event can be used to honour Jolly Roger’s defeat!

Come down by the beaches of Tortuga this evening and treat yourself to a gatherin’! All pirates be gatherin' around the bonfire where we shall exchange tales, drinks, food, and wonderful music, as we celebrate yet another year gone by in the Brethren’s existence. Ye need to prepare yerselves for the joy of Christmas that be approachin’.