Screenshots TLOPO Beta - Famed+ Legendary + Bright Loot


Pirate Lord
I forgot to post this here as it's also about an unusual number of fames for me in a short period of time. Re-posted as posted.

"Shattered, demolished, nuclear exploded my jinx tonight. Started out the same ol same ol at Watcher.
Then after the 3rd fame in less than two hours I was wondering if my luck changed. An hour later I had what I think is a record fame count for me of FIVE, I may have had six, but early on I didn't think anything of it. Then I announced I'm done in one more skull. That skull was a complete dud and I said it didn't count. Next skull was what I think is the second best legendary in the game right now.
The Whisper dagger. I almost missed it because I was falling asleep. I didn't expect to even get a buzz about this, but I'm shocked.
Here's the screenies. First the for sure five fames."

screenshot_2018-12-09_03-48-13.jpg screenshot_2018-12-09_03-48-20.jpg screenshot_2018-12-09_03-48-26.jpg screenshot_2018-12-09_03-48-32.jpg screenshot_2018-12-09_03-48-40.jpg screenshot_2018-12-09_03-42-54.jpg