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Discussion in 'TLOPO General Discussion' started by Cheysa Finn, Jun 28, 2016.

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    Got a question about TLOPO? See if it has been answered below! If it isn't, feel free to send a private message to @Cheysa Finn or @MMDR.

    If you have questions about Beta Keys, take a look here.

    If you have questions about Play Times, take a look here.

    If you have questions about Two-Step Authentication, take a look here.

    If you have questions about Beta, take a look here.

    • How do I report a bug/glitch that happens while I am logged in to my pirate?
    Press "Esc" to bring up the Game Menu, and then click on "Send Feedback".

    • How do I report an error/crash that occurs when I'm not logged in to my pirate?
    Send an email to support@piratesonline.co. Include all the information you can such as screenshots, your OS, and the corresponding log. To find logs on Windows - c:\TLOPO\logs. To find logs on MAC - /Applications/The\ Legend\ of\ Pirates\ Online.app/Game/logs/ or /Users/your_account_name/Library/Application\ Support/The\ Legend\ of\ Pirates\ Online/Game/logs/.

    • How do I change the email address on my account?
    Send an email from the address currently on the account to support@piratesonline.co. Include the account's username, and the email you would like it changed to.

    • I've been banned from the #tlopo channel in IRC, but I don't know why. How do I find out?
    Send a private message to @Cheysa Finn with the nickname you were using when the ban occurred.

    • I want to volunteer for TLOPO Staff. How do I apply?
    Fill out the application at this link: http://goo.gl/forms/q46mib60umLnwG6S2. You will only be contacted about the application if TLOPO wants to move forward with adding you to the team.

    • What progress has TLOPO made so far?
    The Release Notes can be found here: http://piratesonline.co/releases/.

    • Who is currently working on TLOPO?
    The staff roster and positions can be found here: https://piratesonline.co/help/.

    • Will the game ever be open for everyone to play?
    Yes - once testing is complete and we know the servers can handle the large volume of people that want to play again.

    • What are the projected release dates?
    We have no set dates or estimations. If this changes, the release dates will be posted on piratesonline.co.

    • How can I play the pirate I had back in POTCO?
    Unfortunately, you can't. Those accounts are housed by Disney. We have no affiliation with Disney, so we have no access to them.

    • How much does it cost to play TLOPO?
    Not a single penny! All content is and always will be completely free to play.

    • How can I donate to TLOPO?
    We are not accepting donations. The game is being completely funded by TLOPO Staff.

    • Will accounts and pirates be wiped at the end of Alpha?
    Accounts will not be wiped, but pirates will be. This is to prevent any sneaky bugs from making their way into Beta.

    • Is TLOPO going to be like POTCO was?
    Yes! TLOPO will be identical to POTCO as it was the day it closed. Once we reach that point, then we will start adding new content!

    • What are the system requirements for playing TLOPO?
    They can be found at this link: https://piratesonline.co/play/.

    • When will the next Beta Key Contest be held?
    If any contests are planned, they will be posted on piratesonline.co.

    • Is it ok if I make YouTube videos of TLOPO gameplay or stream live gameplay?
    Yes, feel free!

    • If you have Disney's code, why is re-creating the game taking so long? Is it not just a simple copy/paste?
    The team has the code from the original player-sided part of the game, but does not have the original server-sided part. What the team has been doing for its whole existence has been creating a server to work with the player-sided code along with fixing up the player-sided part to optimize it (i.e make it faster). The majority of the game is written in Python, however the game engine and various parts of the Pirates code are in C++, such as water animations. Considering we're needing to rewrite the whole entire server from scratch, it takes time to try to get it exact to how Disney's was. Our only form of documentation of the original server is YouTube videos which show how the enemies, etc, interact with the players. It's then up to us to figure out a way to implement it.

    • Have you received permission from Disney to make TLOPO?
    We do not have official permission to use Disney's Pirates of The Caribbean Online's content. However, we are in the clear as we do not intend to profit from The Legend of Pirates Online.

    • Is the game available in any other languages besides English?
    Yes, although the translations are still a work-in-progress. We are currently translating the game into Spanish, French, and German.

    • Will there be Founder tags as POTCO had?
    We have not shared any details yet on whether Founder tags will be given out.

    • What happened to Pirates Online Rewritten (another remake)?
    That project merged with TLOPO.
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