TLOPO PvP Tournament Results


As many of you know, @Spade and I recently hosted a PvP tournament. Here were the final results:

1st: Gods Amongst Men - 14 wins 0 losses
(Scarecrow and Spade)

2nd: Parry Kings - 13 wins 2 losses *won a tie breaker vs La Espada
(Shore and Savior)

3rd: La Espada - 12 wins 3 losses
(Sharkhound and Lorelei)

4th: Twisted Kings - 11 wins 4 losses *won a tie breaker vs Reign*
(Twisted and King Jumper)

4th: The Jackals - 10 wins 4 losses
(San and Sawyer)

5th: Reign - 10 wins 5 losses
(Captain nick and Odin/King of Jumps)

6th: Mayhem - 6 wins 4 losses
(Mr. Mayhem on two different accounts)

7th: The Olympians - 5 wins 6 losses
(JohnnyDaPirate and Joshua)

8th: Aogiri - 5 wins 7 losses
(Mal and Prometheus (who is also Mr. Mayhem)

9th: The Twins - 4 wins 7 losses
(Rhea and Peep)

10th: The Seamen - 3 wins 8 losses
(Davy Plunderbones and Jack)

11th: Litework - 2 wins 9 losses
(Kane and Reno)

12th: Newcastles Apes - 0 wins 10 losses
(Maxamillion and Cj)

Triple O - 2 wins 4 losses ~Forfeited
(Maximus Redwaters and Young Jock)

Damp Fish - 1 win 3 losses ~Forfeited
(Young Jock and Juvie)

In addition, I’ve also created a montage of the Gods Amongst Men games: