TLOPO Q/A Thread

Stephen Teague

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How long did it take to develop TLOPO and work on the engine and everything?
@The Crew can provide a more “technical” answer regarding the engine and all, but TLOPO has been under development since February 2015. The wiki provides a solid overview of everything that went on back then.


Stephen Teague

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Can we have the option to fast switch in pvp? Also are the old pvp arenas going to be in tlopo in the future?
We’ve had talks about fast switch recently (couple months ago). How to go about “implementing” fast switch is a question, this is because Disney patched it at some point. I can’t guarantee it’ll happen or won’t happen though, we’ve only talked about it before.

As for the old maps...


Take that as you will.

Stephen Teague

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Whenever Capture the Chest is ready. We're working hard to get things as polished as possible. Stay tuned!
To add on to this, if you haven’t seen the below post, make sure to give it a read:

It’s a bit of an older post but still relevant. Right now we’re working out a few kinks with CTC, Lobbies, as well as working on the PYP overhaul.


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another thing i just literally thought of
the new ship the carrack when as a rough estimate would that may be comming along for us to sail and after that one comes out any possable ideas of new sailing ships there after?


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If I recall correctly, I believe there have been discussions about what to do with Silver Freeze, but I can’t say there’s a plan at the moment.
Perhaps if given a ghost potion recipe it would come with a buff allowing clipping through parts of the structures or the ability to see hidden objects and such. Some sort of ghostly buff. Or a transparent wall hack, so when in enemy territory, you can see through the front wall and locate enemies faster or something. Or maybe fly above the ground at a faster clip.

According to many looters, what the staff could do with silver freeze would not be an animation allowed in disney. Of course, I love silver freeze and legendary and don't care where I get them from.