SvS TLOPO SvS League Season 1 Finals

Antonio Gunshot


Hey again everyone! Toni Gunshot here with an SvS League update!

After several weeks of the SvS League, we've finally made it to the last two teams standing. These teams have proved their worth and were both numbers 1 and 2 respectively in the table. I'll give a little background to each team.

Alabama Sluggers (7-0)
The Alabama Sluggers are a team of SvS Originals members including Dark Legend (c), William Crestsilver, Raze Daze, Matthew Sailscarlett, Station, and Leon Cannonmonk. The were originally called Svs Originals 1, until they decided to change their name following a meme they created. Everyone knows the power of Svs Originals! You've likely seen them in regular SvS many times before. In the league, they never dropped a single game, and hardly ever got sink either. They are very consistent gunners, hit amazing shots at both close and long ranges. Their sailing is reminiscent of the old POTCO style.

Wavedashers (6-1)
The Wavedashers is a team of mainly Order of Osiris members led by myself from the ashes of the old Team Svs league team, before they fell. Their members are Antonio Gunshot (c), Ally, Juan Paul Jones, Jack, and Brandon Fury. The team swept the league by surprise, nobody expected an Order of Osiris team to do as well as they have. They only dropped one game to the number one team, Alabama Sluggers. The Wavedashers excel at long range battles, hitting some crazy clutch bolts to secure sinks and win games with large leads. Their sailor, JPJ, sails exceptionally well to give his gunners all the perfect angles and knows all the right strategies.

This match between the two teams is happening on Wednesday @ 9pm EST. You can watch it livestreamed by myself, Dark Legend, and possibly a spectator/commentator ship! You can find information on all of this by joining the official discord server!

Here's a trailer as well...

Hope you're able to tune in!