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I know I'm rekindling that fire, but whatever!

OK, I just want to propose a realistic trading scenario, if it were actually implemented in TLOPO.
You'd have let's say, 500 to 1500 players looking to trade weapons & clothing, etc.
And what would the "inventory" of items up for trade actually look like?

- 698 Bushmaster Pistols
- 747 El Patron Cutlasses
- 865 Silver Freeze daggers
- 1401 Hex rebound Dolls
- 58,902 Bejeweled Cutlasses
- Every Bright Yellow article of clothing, ever, except for that 1 pirate, you know who you are, who wears the stuff... ( Almost every Lavender article of clothing too!)
- Etc...

Get the picture?

Savor it! LOL!

Shamus The Brute

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For weapon trading, I guess what I don’t understand is why would people press hard for something (i.e., trading) when indirectly all it is going to do is make it easier for someone to work through the game faster/more efficiently on account of weaker weapons traded for stronger ones (because just about ‘nobody’ is going to want to utilize trading the other way [where stronger is going to be traded for weaker]).

I am not anti-trading. I am concern though about “the bigger picture” and it just seems to me that the more efficiently people are able to play the game the faster they are going to grow bored with it (generally speaking) which, in hindsight, works against TLOPO’s likely vision - I assume - which soughts to retain “player interest” as long as possible.

Am I wrong in saying this? :confused: (Clearly, I am racking my brain trying to understand this issue to where compromise is the goal but, this idea of the game becoming more efficient for everyone to work through [on account of ‘weapon’ trading] I cannot shake). Thoughts?

Stephen Teague

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Personally always have been for trading. It allows for pirates to run their own “shops” in a forum section for example. Pirates wouldn’t mind getting duplicates as much because there is profit to be made and you can complete bright sets without having to loot for a year. If someone feels that the sanctity of their inventory is so important, then they don’t have to trade. It’s not forced upon anyone.

+1 to trading


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Hey, if the devs feel like releasing a feature that the game's most enthusiastic players have been begging them not to implement since potco, then more power to them. I'm sure you would all jump at the chance to finally get rid of those nasty elitist looters.
what makes you so certain that trading would be implemented the way you assume it's gonna be implemented? sometimes people don't know what's best for them/more importantly the game.
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