Treasure Fleet!

Francis Gunshot

Site Founder
Today I lead I crew of 11 brave sailors to tackle the fleet by our selfs there where no other ships helping. We set out and intersepted them at port Royal I was the capitan. Well as the story goes on we Went after the fleet one ship a war frigat vs 5 huge ships we took out the smaller ones first one at a time then we went for the big one it too us awhile but me grate crew did it we sunk it. Aand the most amazing thing is we where only sunk once and that was at the very last sec we missed sinking it by one shot. And we didn't port once until they where all sunk.
Sounds like you had a blast! , id come if I have the time. Have you seen the fishing boat glitch where you can steer the treasure fleet boat wherever your fishing boat is? :D , its hilarious. :fish: