Tree Watch ~ Recruiting Watchers!

Tree Watch

Welcome to the Tree Watch! Do you have the sudden desire to watch trees? Or do you just want a guild that welcomes most (exceptions on rude or highly immature pirates) pirate? Or maybe a guild whose guild colors are green and brown?
The Tree Watch is for you! Of course, we have to have a few Watching rules...

(Not in the order of importance - all rules are important)
2. Respect all members of Tree Watch. Do not look down on any other member - all members are equals. Respect Officers and Veterans as Members - we are not a rank-driven guild.
3. Do NOT ask for a promotion, because if you are desperate for one, you will NOT get one.
4. If you need help - feel free to ask! Chances are there will be someone willing to help. But don't beg or demand help, as others have things to get done, too.
5. Swearing/Cursing will NOT be tolerated - This game is a community of adults and children, as well as this guild, so please don't use any language that would be inappropriate.
6. Do not "rep steal" - don't attack another's enemy unless it's a boss or a ship, but if it was there's originally and they tell you to stop, do so.
7. Spam and/or annoying messages are unnecessary, but under control it's "OK". Caps spam is fine unless you do it all the time or if anyone asks you to stop.
8. The helm of the captain's ship is theirs. Do not sail their ship unless they give you permission.
9. Please ask before teleporting to a guildmate. They may not want you where they are. Most of the time they'll say "Yes", but it's required to ask just in case the answer changes.

-To receive a promotion, you must be a follower of the rules.
-At first, promotions may be a little less strict but once we get more members the guild will be more strict than before.
-Once an Officer or a Veteran, you are held to the rules more strictly than as a member.

---Head Tree Watcher: Guildmaster. The Guildmaster has final say in all matters. If you are troubled, please let the guildmaster know.
---Co-Head Tree Watcher: Co-Guildmaster. The Co-GM has more influence in matters than the officers, and helps the Guildmaster run the guild. They are allowed to boot members with a good reason.
---Senior Tree Watcher: Officer. Officers are expected to guild pirates they deem worthy into the guild with approval of the guildmaster. They are also allowed to boot others, but I would please ask you to take the matter to the Guildmaster before you boot anyone.
---Tree Watcher: Veteran. Veterans are expected to guild pirates with the justification of an Officer.
---Junior Tree Watcher: Member. Members are the basic building block of a guild, and are therefore the most important, but they do not have any power, although they ARE allowed to have say in some matters like where the guild is heading.
---New Tree Watcher: Recruit. Recruits are the newest members of any guild. They will be given a week or two under observation before becoming a full member.

Who: Tree Watch Only
What: Weekly Meeting
Where: Royal Anchor, Kokojillo
When: Every Saturday @ 6:00pm EST
Why: To discuss matters of the guild

The Tree Watcher - GM (The Tree Watcher)
Capitaine Olivier Levasseur - Co-GM (Marry The Night)
Treeling - Officer
Christopher Crestshot - Veteran
Seadog - Veteran
Chris Treasurestealer - Member
Eye Will Sinku - Member
Worried Weathered Ethan - Member
Jack - Member
Sampson Hairpower - Member
If you would like to join, please send me a PM or post here.

Our goal as a guild is to get at least 25 members.
id rather make jokes watching trees seems well.... boring no let me retry this exciting ur guild rules are the same as just about every other guild out there if making a joke about many things is being immature i would say no
and once again no one can understand what im saying and im not even trying to make it confusing i must be good at it:p
clearly if its a guild if i wanted to stare at trees i would look out my window but ur rules are the same as every other guild out there

First off, (as The Tree Watcher stated earlier) the guild name is an inside joke, and maybe you think the point of the guild is to stare at trees or something, but that's not why it was formed. And a lot of guilds have a lot of the same rules. Like why would a rule not be respect pirates? Or ask before you teleport? Those are common among guilds because who wants a guild full of rowdy, rule-breaking, immature pirates? Not this guild.