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Suggestion Tweaks/Ideas

Discussion in 'TLOPO Suggestions and Ideas' started by PirateHunter, Jun 8, 2018.

  1. PirateHunter

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    Feb 18, 2018
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    1. Improve the response time from when a enemies HP hits -1 to when your doll unattunes + make it so the voodoo doll does not waste voodoo energy and damage on a already dead target.
    2. Add vote to kick system to ships, if more than 60% of the onboard population votes yes they get kicked from the ship.
    3. Increase the distance an enemy will follow once hit, or how far they can be "pulled/lured." The current amount either varies based on location or is very low
    4. As another user said, make bosses more worth doing, add a internal quality of loot adjuster based on if a boss enemy is dropping it or not and confirm that it works as intended.
    5. Show other player animations even if they aren't hitting something. For example: A person is standing on Tortuga Beach and they're doing Hack->Slash->Cleave->Flourish etc and we can't see it because they are not making contact with a target, This makes the game feel bland and empty, because people just standing around when they're actually doing things and makes the game feel lonely.
    6. Allow players with better computers to have the option to increase their view range of enemies and players in the world
    7. Functionality of sailing items (Even if we can't get rams yet due to abuse)
      This is important because theres more sailing items than just rams, and none of them can be used while we wait on the Rams and Cannon Defense.
    8. Invasion enemies get stuck after dying, Jolly Roger's Hp is too weak, and there may be a few unknown district resets, but other then that invasions run really really good
    9. Finish the passive skills and weapon skills and active skills that literally don't work
      These include:
      -Pistol: Dodge
      -Throw Dirt I think?
      -Voodoo Doll: Curse (I think??)
      -All damage over time skills regardless of their form: Bleed, Poison, Burn, Acid, Venom, etc.
      -Dark Aura (Unconfirmed, I think they fixed this one already)
      -Shrapnel which does absolutely nothing at all quite literally
    10. Remove this ಠ_ಠ: http://prntscr.com/jst6rh
    11. Remove the door of Fort Charles and have it one zone. It would really be a nice touch.
    12. Allow more than just 25 tonics to be carried, this does not make the player harder to die or make the game easier, but it makes it more convenient and not have to run back to a Gypsy if what you're doing is intensive on tonics. Stacks of 5 is tiny and really not a smart design by Dinsey and you guys can be the ones to fix it!
    13. While looking at any of these suggestions, and potentially working on them, remind yourself that you are greatly appreciated (Most important suggestion)
  2. Misha

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    May 31, 2017
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    Bonjour, PirateHunter!

    I wanted to address your ideas one-by-one since this thread is relatively old at this point.

    #1 - This still has yet to be touched upon, but I agree that the unattunement of a dead enemy does take quite a bit, yet.

    #2 - This was actually recently added, and is a great feature when it's used as intended.

    #3 - I personally disagree here. I feel enemies have already a particularly good amount of lure distance, and would be a bit overkill to have added anymore.

    #4 - No comment.

    #5 - This is actually a clientside glitch that has been in the game since it's Closed Beta launch. I do agree that it'd be cool to see players doing separate animations, as I used to do back in POTCO, running around with an infinite Flaming Skull at the top of my staff.

    #6 - This is how the game was designed; Each portion of an area, say, Port Royal, is loaded into sub-areas. Granted, with the power of today's technology, I could imagine this could easily be done, but this also plagues another idea you have coming up on this list.

    #7 - All Sailing Items and their effects are now mostly working and at the very least function to increase Players' abilities.

    #8 - Invasions are still relatively laggy, but this is due to their scale. However, with Tortuga invasions introduced, I think it's safe to say that we're getting closer to an equal balance in performance and gamescale. Jolly's HP is also now in correspondence with how many players are actively participating in the invasion, rather than being a static number.

    #9 - Dodge, Curse, Dark Aura, and Throw Dirt are all completely functional as of now. Shrapnel, however, still is utter garbage, and many of the Damage Over Time effects have yet to be added, but at the very least "Scorch" and other fire abilities have shown an effect and do deal damage.

    #10 - This is still (unfortunately) apart of many endgame quests, but I do personally dislike it as well.

    #11 - This happens to be the next question I was referring to in the area/sub-area topic. The door to Fort Charles was originally non-existent before the Port Royal redesign, I do believe that there were some issues with the way the game registered the area, but I could be mistaken.

    #12 - I've never thought this to be an issue before, but now looking at it I do think it would be a wise move to allow potions to stack higher, even to a max of say, 100 per potion. Rather than doing this in a fashion regarding having it set off the bat, this could very well be added as a purchasable upgrade from Gypsies, so that players who do and don't want it could choose for themselves.

    #13 - :)
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