Ufo's In The Caribbean

Captian Morgan Kid

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ok, some said i had been drinking sea water, some said i had too much rum and others said i was just plain crazy. the last one may be true cause yes i'm crazy, crazy about tia. you guys have been saying that stuff ever since i said that maybe aliens put that ship in the grave yard. when i posted pictures of UFO's attacking, some laughed and then the pitchure just disapeared from the forums forever. how strange is that? well i'm here to tell ya i saw them again!
ok land lovers, what the heck is this? you can find me hiding in a hay stack on tortuga. please let me know when it's safe to come out.:confused:
I wasn't here for the last picture.. but I do agree that is weird that it disapered from the forums... But all I see is a beem of light... unless that would be coming from their space ship... lol :D