Undead Scoundrels

Hey everyone, I am making a new guild online, if you want to join here is a code: BYXY7459

The rules are this:
*To join, must be level 15 notoriety
*To be a veteran, must be level 25 notoriety
*To be an officer, must be level 35 and recruit 5+ people
There is absolutely no drama in this guild
There is no profane language
You must ask to teleport to someone because they may be training or something and don't want extra people coming.
What the guild is about:
This guild is mainly about helping one another out with quests and training, getting to know people around the game, and having fun. I am a big PVP person myself and love doing PVP's, SVS' on the other hand is okay but not my favorite.
Hope you join!