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Stephen Teague

Hello everyone,

@John Macbatten and I would like to introduce you all to our newest series, Content Spotlight! In our Content Spotlight series, we will be sharing upcoming content, small and large, from the TLOPO Quality Assurance (QA) server. This series is starting as an effort to centralize community feedback, and allow for more transparency between the staff and the players.

With every new post on this thread, we will link a discussion thread for you, the community, to voice your opinions, feedback, and suggestions. We will both frequent these discussion threads, respond to any questions you may have, as well as forwarding your feedback to our developers and content teams. This is an opportunity for everyone to see some of our planned projects without having to wait for an official announcement. In addition, it will allow you to help shape the future of the game!

Furthermore, your questions do not have to be limited to the discussion thread, we encourage you to tag us in other forum threads that you have any questions on, and we will do our best to get back to you.

John Macbatten

Starting off our first Content Spotlight, we will be focusing on an upcoming feature called “Lobbies”. We began work on this new lobby system when it was determined that POTCO’s existing matchmaking system was insufficient and an overhaul of the system would be beneficial. The team took a look at existing matchmaking systems in other games, and decided on a set of foundational features that they wanted the new lobby system to include, while still fitting in the style of TLOPO. The main goal of this new system is to provide a functionally superior matchmaking system in every aspect over the currently implemented one. While this new system is currently being tested on our Quality Assurance server, here is a list of some of the features that will be included when it launches:

  • Global lobby system players can use to queue games with each other regardless of the server (ocean) a player is on
  • Ability to create private lobbies with invitation codes to grant access for certain players to join
  • Ability to customize the options of the matches you are creating
  • Ability to set the map or gametype of the lobby
With that being said, here are some pictures of our work in progress (WIP) lobby system!


We do not have a date for the release of Lobbies, it is still being worked on and tested. We hope to bring it all to you shortly!

We hope you enjoyed this first Content Spotlight, and remember feedback and suggestions are encouraged. Feel free to reply to the discussion thread with any questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns!

Discussion Thread:

Stephen Teague

I hope you all have been enjoying The Curse of the Muertos Moon event!

Our latest Content Spotlight addresses something that’s been in high demand for many years! In the very near future, we will finally make our Leaderboards public. We’ve been tracking Leaderboard data since 2018 and we are now putting the finishing touches on it before we make the Leaderboards public on our website.

Our Leaderboards will have several categories including enemies defeated, ships sunk, blackjack hands won, and many more! Like POTCO, the top guilds and pirates will be displayed for each category.

We do have a few disclaimers:
  1. The results in the provided screenshots are not final.
  2. Any player caught auto-clicking (or using any other exploit) will either be wiped from our Leaderboards, or they will be "marked".
Below are some screenshots of the Leaderboards:
leaderboards enemies players.pngleaderboards enemies guild.png
leaderboards 1.png

If you wish to comment, please visit our discussion thread.
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John Macbatten

Hello everyone!
Today we have a very special post for you all, in this Content Spotlight we will be gathering feedback on the highly requested trading feature. Trading has been on our Quality Assurance server for a while, but it is still in early development. With this in mind, we want player feedback to help shape how trading will function.

Currently trading starts through the player card, where one player can request to trade with another. If the trade request is accepted by the requested player, both players will be able to swap items in their inventory and trade them. It is currently a basic system with very little functionality. To distinguish between a traded and looted item, looted items will appear with a coin in the upper right corner of the weapon card. This means that as soon as the item is traded, it will lose the coin.
trading.pngtrading icon.png
We understand it’s a very controversial topic, but trading WILL be happening at some point in the game’s future.
Below is a list of some topics that need to be covered:
  1. What items should not be tradeable?
  2. Should materials (gold, bones, moonstones and ship materials) be tradeable?
  3. What kind of “checks” should be made?
    1. Examples:
      1. Requiring Raven’s Cove completion before trading Cursed items.
      2. A warning message to players before trading certain items.
      3. Level requirements.
If you think of anything else, please let us know in the discussion thread! When you write in your suggestions, please provide your reasoning. Thank you!

Discussion thread: Click Here

EDIT: 9/26/2019
Quick update guys, I got approvals to add some pictures of the WIP GUI, remember as always things are subject to change. I will also post these in the discussion thread for further conversation on the topic.
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Stephen Teague

Hey everyone,

This upcoming content spotlight adds a much requested quality of life tweak to the game! Coming this fall, we will be releasing Ship Renaming! Ship Renaming is currently being tested on our Quality Assurance (QA) server before being released to the public.

Check out a sneak peek video of the feature here:

We hope to deliver it to you all soon!

Stephen Teague

Regarding upcoming content:

For anybody that hasn't heard, we will be having a 12 days event this year. We wanted to do it last year, but some things came up for several staff members, which caused us to miss a few of the 12 days. We have some fun surprises stashed away for you all to enjoy, we can't wait!

As you can see above, there's a teaser for one of the days..
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