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Some weird things I got into when I didn't feel like leveling:


Nell was working! :-O


Served up some drinks and nachos :)
Igor say nice work on the sc mate!!! Igor say keep up the great work!!!
Lol! I love the glare offs and I didn't know that basic memberes can't get out of jail anymore! That's just cheesy! >:O I remember when I first played this game about three years ago basic members could level as high as they wanted but just much slower than unlimited membership. Oh, and they didn't have access to all the weapons or the skills. Other than that basic was privy to the same fun as unlimited.

...And that just made me realize that the shot I took on Port Royal above where you see Fort Charles on a hill...that's what Port Royal use to look like a few years back! You had to run up a hill through some trees to get to it.