Glitch  Weird Eneny Tormenta Glitch

John Seawalker

Notorious Pirate
1 of those sword lvl 50s followed me through tormenta and killed me lol has this happened to u btw he keeps following me everywhere???
For some reason now eniemys no long disengage... its annoying but can be fun...

like for instance now i have a pet alligator! also...
the only way they disengage is if u use phantom spirits...

NOTICE: no alligators were harmed in this proccess well the first one was... :xbones:
Before It used to when you ran away they stop fallowing you but now Pirates online change it so they fallow you no matter what
Now i can imagine getting chased through Tormentaby an army of thralls... now THAT would be fun.... of course, I'd pull out my blunder and blow them sky high before they can touch me :D