Graphics Problem  Weird Tattoo Glitch

Will Nightwolf

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For a while I have been noticing people with weird tattoo glitches that put lines on your body right next to your tattoo take a look at these pics and tell me what you think

I don't have that nor have I seen it...
It must be your lucky poncho and sombrero that gives you all that luck Will :D
it happens when male pirates take off their shirts and change grapics or sometimes it happens when they log on or cange cloths
EDIT (Oct 29, 2010 8:58 PM):
i got the special under eye tribal tattoo and it makes it look like im crying on my face and my back is covered in marks from the jelly fish tattos on my arm
I used to have a tattoo that was invisible. One day after we got the new inventory / Smile / you know like the place we keep all our tattoos. I decided to try it on and it was there. It was a quest.
Will . I have not seen any glitched tattoos on anyone. I guess mine was a glitch, but I didn't see that either.
i only had the tatto you get from Carver glitch. won time i looked and it was sideways and another time it was gone. so i got rid of it. nice look though Will.