Glitch  Weird The Guy Actually Went On A Navy Ship

thats so weird the guy actually went on a navy ship ??? :O
1:17 to 1:23 !!

Wow, I haven't seen the bulwark or greyhound flagship in years. Miss them bunches. So many things bring back memories there - the fire and smoke coming off the ships. The planks flying in the air when a ship was hit. Ships that didn't incorrectly have "outer hull" damage points. Take cover that protected your crew, instead of incorrectly making your ship invincible. Being able to see and talk to people on other ships nearby. Ships moving at normal speeds.

Man, what a plethora of good memories.
I wish This still works not that way to get out of the ship what i mean the way to drive the ship ik other ways to get out. its sad that they removed it