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Welcome Home! Piratas del Caribe Guild

Discussion in 'TLOPO Guilds' started by Remington, Jul 28, 2017.

  1. Remington

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    Jun 13, 2017
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    The members of Piratas del Caribe (Pirates of the Caribbean) hereby cordially invite you to join our growing membership! Our guild represents not only a guild of like-minded individuals, but also a growing family in The Legend of Pirates Online. We are a close knit group who cares deeply about each other and are seeking anyone who is looking for a home like this to rest their weary heads after a busy day of looting and high adventure!

    The new members we are looking for are:

    Cooperative as opposed to competitive with each other
    Looking for a warm and accepting place to call home in-game

    As our membership grows, we are stepping up weekly events such as ship material runs and Dark Heart farming. More will be added and we invite you to help be a part of it by lending your unique talents to our family! Be open to helping other guild mates when they have need and if you are able, just as we will help you if possible.

    If you are interested, please notify Remington, Sky-Legend or any of our officers via private message here in the forums and we will hook up in-world just as soon as possible. We are also open to answering questions in this manner if you have any. :)

    Looking forward to meeting you and having you join our guild and family! Good fortune and safe journeys, 'til next we meet!

    Piratas del Caribe Leadership:

    Guild Master - Sky-Legend


    Blaze Starr
    Captian Johnson
    Davy Treasuremonger
    Fallyn Angel
    Grace O'Morgan
    Remington O'Morgan
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