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Meg Sailvane

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Meg Sailvane was created in the year 2007-2008 i believe.. And Ive enjoyed this past years in Piratesonline with her. I feel like as if she was my own student and i had to teach her the way or becoming strong and skillful. I remember when she was just a lvl 1 basic member. How excited i was to be first playing the game.. Those were good times. When i found my first guild, i thought it was the best. So many good friends were in there that ive had not seen in 2 years .. I will never delete them as my friends because i will always wait for their return.
Guilds come and guilds go.. But Spania has been the longest guild ive stayed with( if u dont count a year off of pirates and still being in my first guild :D) . I'm not going to lie it was better when i started in Spania, Now i feel like Spania is falling apart. Maybe its just me.. I must be going crazy, I dont feel the same way i did before.. But i assure u; I'll never fail u Spania because in my heart.. You guys are family to me and will always be family. Spanian till the end !!
Igor say your doing a great job Meg!! Igor say keep up all your hard work and training, it will never fail you!!
Meg u put so much work into Spania and into the forums, when im online u are mostly on and always helping fellow guild mates and chatting away.I dont think we are falling apart, I guess everything in life has its down times but we always find ways to get through them with whatever decisions we make.
Thank you for ur kind words Angel and Igor :) .. Angel i think ur right, we arent falling apart we just have our up and downs.. I take back what i say.. SPANIA FOR THE WIN :D
Meg (passes the Lord Cuttler 1664 rum )take a swig mate :drink:and remeber we are all here for each other. Spania is what it always has been. rough and tumble, fun yet somewhat serious... and remeber mate the drinks are free ;) that aside all great guilds have down time.. and it is that time of year mate...when we go to our own ships and sail to the morning (to see family and friends) never despair my friend...to many great ppl here to let you down... so chin up whipe those tears and synche that belt pirate :D we are hunting in the Carribean...Spania 4 life :arrrrr:
Well said Molly, and remember Meg Spania has seen tough times before, but it always seems to make us stronger and more unified. So glad you are feeling better about everything, don't like to see you feeling down. :piratemickey:
Spania, i love spania, miss spania, my friends, they do have strict rules, felt i couldnt keep to the no confrontation rule, and I respect Carlos, to me is a priviledge to be a part of spania. (and no i was not kicked out, but felt it would not be the respectful thing to stay and not follow the rules) To have put together such a strong guild, such a successful forum, Carlos is one very creative, not to mention smart guy!:fight: