What Are The Chances Of Me Being Banned?

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Rose Sunslipper

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Okay so first, I just want everyone to know I would NOT recommend doing/trying this!

Me and Edgar, a friend i've know for only 2 months... Decided to give our info to eachother... He logged on my account, I logged on his. We both agreed not to touch each other clothes, tattoos, guilds, jewelery, ships, gold, etc. without each others permission. He's been on Rose leveling on pvp infamy <-- did I spell that right? Anyway, so far it's been AWESOME! He's beast at pvp... Not the best in the game but still beast. Anyway, we were in tormenta after he couldn't find anyone to pvp and he said 'Dam'.... I know, not a cuss word.... But a blocked word. As alot of you know, Rose has been banned ALOT.... So do you think she'll be banned or....?

(btw, we didnt exchange accounts on pirates... we did it on facebook. I'm not that stupid o.o!)
Would never do that cause even if they say something doesn't mean that they won't do it...
I would suggest not talking about it further in a public forum if you're looking to keep it on the down-low. Especially a public forum that Disney employees have been known to view from time to time...
Ive gotten away with doing way worse than what you said so you shud be fine but i think they monitor the people who have been banned multiple times more than the others so idk but i think ull be fine.
Wait ... Rose, was it you or Edgar, pvp-ing with Basil and me? I complimented you by calling you "You rocked, girl!" :confused:
first of all rose i despise the word cuss it should be curse but this all depends where u live anyways disney seems to have figured out that many ppl use this word and get around the chat filter and just recently it has shown as red i said it without realizing it and i have not gotten a ban yet also i have figured out how to get curse words by the chat filter though i dont use it.... much (only when i get reall mad that not often for me)
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