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This is a chance to share your favorite tunes and discover new ones. Whenever you're listening to a song that you love and think everyone should here it, post it below.

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I'll start! These are two of my favorite songs/mashups!

This is Gospel - Panic! at the disco

Sugar, This is Gospel (Mashup) - Panic! at the Disco & Fall Out Boy
Two Steps From Hell recently released their new album, Battlecry. I've been indulging in its orchestral awesomeness via Spotify, but here's one of my favorite pieces in the album:

Additionally, this probably is my favorite TSFH piece. If you watch the video, around 2:05 the conductor looks as if he's about to lead a charge... I actually mimic this, even in the car... Muahahaha!

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Adding a video won't kill any of you ya know x)

House of Cards Soundtrack #13. Two Kinds of Pain …