What Changes Would Like To See On The Leaderboards


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I think maybe it would help a lot of guilds to show, "the leaderboards of the year", maybe even "the leaderboards of the month", in addition to the overall leaderboards, that way some guilds that aren't as old can have a chance to be on them just for the a shorter term than over all,
what do you think? and what would you like to see, as addition or changes

(please note, this thread is not related to the currently running campaign and what is discussed here does not affect the campaign.)
:) Igor smile!! Igor say you all know it coming.... Igor wish Cannon Defense stats were added to the list, Igor think potions and biggest fish should be added to!! Igor does wonder if this is a reason why the board doesn't work though. Igor say back in the day it keep track of what lv everyone skills were at but now there are more skills and mini games to keep track of. :parrot:
I'd like to see a daily SvS leaderboard, simply a tally of "score" earned by each pirate.

I'd like to see the PvP leaderboards corrected so they are no longer backwards (awarding "losses" as "wins" currently.) Even better would be to change the PvP leaderboard to be a list of kills, not a list of matches played. That way, people just trying it out, might get some recognition.

I'd like to see a "notoriety points gained" daily leaderboard. That is, the current notoriety leaderboard (when it works) shows only who has achieved the highest notoriety level. I think it would be very healthy to have a separate leaderboard for "notoriety points" per day, so that very low level pirates can be recognized, as well.

A "potions mixed today" leaderboard might be amusing. Likewise, a "legendary fish caught today" leaderboard my be good.

And of course, a "cannon defense waves cleared" leaderboard would be awesome.
first off, i would just like them to work :) lol i guess since i only do enemies i never really checked are a few of the boards actually open still... am i supposed to be playing black jack when i'm on? lol i think just to spite my buddy igor over there CD should not be involved XD just kidding igor i would love to see all of the new things added maybe instead of just leaving it at legendary fish just make a fishing in general category maybe not show the legendarys. Run that board on wieght of regular fish you can catch. SvS i think may cause some controversy with a person hiding on a quiet server all day and just sinking a friend in a light sloop with a war ship. more complaints means the boards drop off again because people who dont know what they are doing make a script that messes it all up. the amount of potions made in a day is kind of a cool idea though. I've never agreed with the notoriety board i've always believed levels in a day is more impressive than making it to 50 after 3 years sorry folks lol
Also something that I think would be really cool is,

high ranking people maybe have different tag color as long they are unlimited, that way their rank it is actually recognized.

Also high ranking guilds maybe, or maybe just the GM or officers or veterans of high rankings guilds

I think this would add a lot of insentives for other guilds to work harder at getting ranks, and more active.

If founders have different tag color, why not the highest ranking pirates?, does that make sense... just an idea, finally something that you can actually earn.. in the long term maybe even daily - and run out after the day.. for these that rank on the daily , it will definitely start rumors and a lot of incentives