What ever happened to staffs?

Bobby Flat Foot

Pirate Lord
Has anyone noticed that staff is the only weapon without pretty much ANY drops? I personally like this weapon. I just bought a new one today that cost 10000+ gold which I probably could of got easily for free from a drop. I think they plan on releasing new staff drops, I think this because of this:

I got this from Pirates Wiki ^^
I hope they release these soon! I want new staffs!

Francis Gunshot

Site Founder
The reason they don't have staffs in loot drops is because they cost a ton of gold I do hope they have these new staffs though.

Captain Hi

Pirate Lord
they need new staffs used to be one of my favorite weapons and it used to be one of the most powerful (which is the reason we need to have it charged up) but after the new weapons it just seems like a joke to use


Pirate Master
That would be nice for them to release those staffs. Staffs are one of my favorite weapons although i can't use them right now cause im basic. -_- Hopefully by the time i get unlimited back they have released one or two of those staffs.