Graphics Problem  What happend to my weapons

Will Nightwolf

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Since I can't log onto potco by launcher I used the website's launcher and when I played everything was half black. But check out what my weapons looked like.

Kate Goldwalker

Fairy Tail Girl
Everything has been minaturized and works at only half the strength. Guns hold half of the ammo. Voodoo staff looks like a toothpick and the doll like 2 inches of straw tied together. The greanades look like water balloons. Thank goodness your ship didnt shrink. I would hate to see you sitting on it using ores to paddle out to sea. You'd probably flip over as soon as you shoved off from land, lol. ;)

OH OH, did they shrink your clothes too? Maybe you should keep a stock of shrinking potion...

Constance O'hara

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Um it looks like your weapons went on a diet and someone grilled the ocean, and your pirate ran through a fire with those pants on. That prob what happened... on my planet. lol


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You owed those gunsmiths some money, Will? And haven't paid half of it? It's amazing that they all could turn half the sizes, that's what you got for paying half price. :D
Cool ocean though ... I'd like my ocean stripy too! Or polka dots, if possible ...


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LOL the background looks lik eur traveling at light speed xD and i want mini weapons >.<