What is the backstory behind YOUR pirate?

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    I had Chickens O'Yumm in POTCO because I thought it was funny if they approved the name.
    Turns out they approved it so GG EZ.

    I tried here 3 times to get that same name here, but they all keep getting rejected, so I gave up. It's not even inappropriate >.<
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    My pirate black story is that my pirate like to eat parrots, when my pirate Tony was alone at Isla perdida he ate parrots to surive
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    Captain Ivan Garcia once sailed alongside the massive Spanish treasure fleets, captaining the 200 gunned Galleon known as "El Cuervo", or the Crow. He became known as Lucifero, or Lucifer because of his sheer brutality and merciless to merchant vessels, french ships, and other pirates. One day, Ivan intended to loot Lord Cutler Beckett's personal Ship of the Line, the Endeavour, when he and his 6 other ships were sunk by The Dutchman and the Endeavour as they attempted to sink the massive warship. Only 50 members survived the counterattack on Captain Ivan Garcia's fleet. Since the attack, all 50 members have wreaked havoc on any ship not loyal to the Spanish flag, despite the Kingdom of Spain removing any affiliation with the band of men. Captain Ivan Garcia and his crew became known as Diablos Del Mar, or the Devils of The Sea and holds its Headquarters on Cutthroat Island.
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    This is "Orion Senpai" no one loves him and his child self was found atop a mountain of gold, people came and took the gold, yet the baby was left behind. He was found by a clan of giant scorpions and raised by them learning there ways. Although he did not have pincers or a stinger he had a cabin boy''s cutlass. At the age of 8 the scorpions were killed in front of the boy by a band of hunters. The hunters took him in showed him how to hunt and speak, he learned quickly but he always wanted to do more, he wanted an adventure. The next day he packed his sharpest knife and decided to go on a navy killing spree. He approached a guard silently, but when he stabbed the guard it turned out to just be a scarecrow he turned tail and ran as fast as his legs could carry him a nearby officer saw what he had done, he grabbed him by the throat and took him to a prison ship destined for an unknown island. He was thrown into a cell unconscious, right next to the man who would break him out.

    P.S. I had no idea what I was doing when I wrote this, I only wrote it because I had nothing better to do at the time.
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    Hello, this is no backstory. These are events that actually happened on POTCO...

    I come to you today to present the greatest story of POTCO. Many of you may have heard of this before as it has become the stuff of legend: the emotional tale of Clint the Duck, and the war he faced to protect POTCO from evil. This is the story of the war between the Lords and the Pearls.

    Clint was a small man, with his most distinguishable feature being his moustache, and his inner animal being a duck; seeing him when he first arrived on POTCO, in shorts, chest bare, and a tattered jacket, few would imagine he would rise to the rank of the Pirate King, in the full outfit of his idol, Captain Barbossa.

    Early Life

    Clint started off POTCO as a regular pirate, not standing out. He would often stand on Tortuga and make friends, he was not the best swordsman or sailor, but his wit and wonder gave him the respect as a likeable fellow to talk too. One of his friends, Lilly, he spoke to every day; she in many regards was his best friend, par Bill (the sailor of the legendary ship, the Bountyhunter Executioner, unquestionably the most powerful ship in all the seas.)

    Lilly's betrayal

    Lilly was manipulated, by the tyrannous Edward Bladeskull, who fabricated the lie that Clint was infact a reincarnation of a previous nemesis to Edward, Jack Warskull. Due to this lie, Lilly no longer trusted Clint, despite Clint not evening knowing the existence of Warskull. Many minor spats followed this, just pre-fodder before the true war, but soon Clint convinced Lilly of the truth: that he was a mere honest pirate, not Jack Warskull. However, this betrayal would not be forgotten by Clint, and he swore to himself, he would wreak vengeance on Edward.

    The war

    The true Jack Warskull returned to POTCO, and Clint decided to join Edward in this on going war between him and Jack; however, this was just a ruse, and Clint betrayed Edward to join Jack's side, as revenge against Edward. Jack declared Clint as his second in command, and soon there was a great battle between the two armies. The fight ended in Edward and Jack forming a peace treaty.

    Clint becomes king

    Edward tricked Jack into hating Clint, by framing him as an enemy another time, and the foolish Warskull believed him. Edward declared an arrest warrant for Clint; and all Jack's guild, Ace Assassins Elite, and Edward's guild, the Caribbean Pearls are commanded to find Clint and kill him. Clint is wanted, so he goes into hiding and recruits a secret army: the pirate lords. Clint is the king of all the lords: Jack 2 (in charge of the fellow knights), Leon (whom was a former lord another a different ruler) and Luis Shipsilver (also exiled by Jack Warskull.) Together, they revolt against the evil pearls and Clint stabs Jack Warskull, executing him for his crimes against the crown. They were winning in this great battle, however, just before Clint was about to kill Edward once and for all, Luis betrays Clint, handcuffs him and locks him up in Padres del Fuego jail. Luis has been working for Edward all this time...

    Jack 2 to the rescue

    Jack runs in with his guild, the Fellow Knights and saves Clint. They go onto Clint's ship, the White Star and sail to Driftwood Island, being followed by many of Luis's ships. They get there in time, where there are three pearls, including Luis, are waiting for him. They surround Clint, with their swords drawn in a circle around him. It seems it is time for Clint's death... However, Clint is no longer a mere pirate; he says the now famous line : "You will always remember this as the day you almost caught Clint Eastwood," and Clint teleports away.

    Capture of Edward and Luis

    Clint leads the lords and the fellow knights into battle against the pearls on Padres del Fuego and win! They captured Luis and Edward, but they escaped and ran away like chickens. The lords now have the job of tracking down the traitors. Clint finds Luis on Tortuga beach, and turns to arrest him, but Luis draws out a gun and shoots Clint! Clint falls to the floor but before death, he pulls out a gun and shoots Luis in the heart. Luis dies, there and then; however Clint is on the brink of death, before Jack 2 comes and rescues Clint with a potion, however, Clint goes into hiding and recovers from his injuries for many days.

    Clint's death

    Clint finds Edward hiding on Raven's Cove, informed by his trusted and loyal lord, Leon Fireskull. Clint, as pirate king offers Edward peace, to end all the fighting. The lords belive this is a no-mans land, so no weapons are allowed... as Clint reaches out his hand for peace, Edward declines, and shoots Clint!!! Edward believes he has killed the pirate king, Clint and therefore won a great victory, and the war itself, and the pearls celebrate!

    Clint returns

    Clint wasn't dead after all, he had just faked his death so he could catch Edward at his weakest, and this plot worked! On Port Royal, he runs at Edward but Francis Stormhawk (a traitor Pearl) fights Clint instead, as Edward runs away. They lead one of the epicest battles in the history of POTCO, which results in a fire, caused by one of Francis's grenandes, that destroys Port Royal! This is followed by a sword joust, where Clint stabs Francis, and he dies... the third elite member of the Pearls to die to Clint's hand after Jack Warskull, and Luis Shipsilver.

    The final battle

    Edward and his new evil henchman Lawrence Raidquick hatch a plan to murder Clint and take over POTCO! The detonation of POTCO has been set, and Clint knows the war must end once and for all, in one final battle... the rest of the pearls are dead, and the lords are all but lost, now it is just the two arch enemies, Clint and Edward Bladeskull... Clint and Edward duel with swords on Padres del Fuego, Edward sails away from Padres where Clint cannons Edward's ship. Edward manages to escape and swims to Tortuga where they battle in the most epic battle in history! Clint chops off Edward's sword arm, and has a sword at his neck. It is surely time for Edward's death, what the dictator surely deserves. Clint has a tough decision, and proves himself as the Pirate King. Clint lets Edward live, due to his forgiving nature. They formed a treaty, to bring an end to the great war and Clint brings peace to POTCO at last!

    This war is all true, and I promise this all happened on POTCO. I, Clint, truly am the Pirate King; ask Leon Fireskull if you don't believe me, and I am the stuff of legend!

    And always remember, I AM A DUCK!!!

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    Peregrine Waveweather was born in Scotland in 1720 as Catherine Merriwether. Her mother died of smallpox when she was a wee lass, so she was raised by her father, a master falconer. Over many years, he had trained a peregrine falcon with beautiful feathers to assist him with hunting. Catherine would sometimes accompany her father to hunting trips where he taught her how to use a gun and to the docks where he would sell pelts to merchants who bargained for them. She admired the falcon and collected its tail feathers that it shed from time to time.

    Eventually, her father stopped inviting her to come along on his hunting trips since he would be gone for weeks at a time. One day, Catherine, unwilling to stay at home, stowed away on the ship of his fur trading company, which was preparing to embark on a trading voyage to Cuba. She was shocked to discover that her father was actually a pirate who plundered the seas with his small crew. Her father sent her away to the docks as soon as he found her hiding aboard, saying that his business was no place for a young maiden to join.

    Catherine pondered about her father's secret life of piracy and awaited his return for several months. After a long time had passed, she searched for news about his company's sea voyage and heard rumors that the ship had been sunk by the Navy. This news greatly saddened Catherine, but she was determined to find the whereabouts of her father and his majestic falcon. She milled about with the workers at the docks, seeking information about him and other pirates that might lead her to find him.

    Catherine then met some young pirates and joined them when she heard they were gathering a crew to sail to Cuba. They taught her how to steer a ship, and she fell in love with sailing on the ocean waves. On their way to Cuba, they plundered a few merchant ships and divided the loot, which consisted of a lot of fine clothing. She donned on a coat, and she stuck in her felt hat one feather that she had kept from her father's peregrine falcon as a token of good fortune. She vowed to one day reunite with her father and his falcon who may be lost at sea, gathering crew members to sail with her and asking them, "Are ye ready to go weatherin' the waves with me?"
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    "Red Watcher" is of course not the real name of the pirate himself (Who would really call their child that?), but a nickname when referring to him. No one knows much about him nor is he willing to share, one thing most people would know is that he was found unconscious in a jail cell at Rambleshack, rescued by Captain Jack Sparrow himself, much like many pirates. Judging from his red hair, it can be assumed that he came from somewhere in the northern and southern fringes of Europe: possibly Ireland, Scotland, or England.

    It is noted that that "Red Watcher" can sometimes be seen dashing across an island, clothes stained with viscous crimson. Occasionally, he would take the time to watch other pirates do whatever it is they're do; when looked back at, he would continue staring despite being noticed. Reports from various Navy and EITC sources detailed break-ins and raids of some of their bases from the pirate, continuously wiping out and looting numerous amounts of their men until tired or met with greater force than he. There's no discrimination in the ones that he slaughtered, men and women of all backgrounds alike, they were all the same to him.

    At sea, earlier reports described a light sloop cannoning at various of ships, sometimes even sinking some, lookouts saw a familiar figure on said sloop. Recently, a plain brig is sighted sailing around the Caribbean, often sinking dozens of ships until hunters and warships sail down to claim their bounty, leading to the brig fleeing to a safe land. Lookouts from the ships swore they saw the same man from the light sloop on the brig. It is most likely that he bought a brig during his travels.

    His supposedly excellent handling of weapons suggest a possible link to a military background, or an environment filled with combat to the point where one must learn to fight in order to survive. He was also said to be quick on his feet, able to perform mad dashes around the place, and easily execute flurries with his cutlass, further proving some of the most prominent theories around the public, or at least those who know about him. Survivors of his assaults talked about how they witnessed a particularly determined, and enraged look when engaged in combat with them or their comrades, vengeful motivations perhaps? Aside from that, he doesn't seem to be hostile or social towards fellow pirates, no reports of attacks or long-winded conversations are reported thus far.

    The "Red Watcher" is still shrouded in mystery, all that is about him are from word of the mouth, and detailed reports of local military forces, either can prove possibly exaggerated. But one thing's for sure, he is a pirate, not a well-known one, but a pirate regardless.
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    Born under the name Raphael R. R., Squidgallows served under the french flag. It wasn't till his merchant ship was raided by pirates, and he was marooned on Isla Tormenta, that he became a pirate. Surviving by eating dead squids that washed up on the shores, he got the name Squidgallows. Eventually joining the Brethren Court, Squidgallows got revenge on the pirates that marooned him. This brave act earned him the title of Magistrate of Isla Tormenta. He grew to love the island that he once hated, and plunders hundreds of ships under his rule as Magistrate. Eventually, he earned the rank of Pirate Lord of the Bloody Bayou.
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    Born in a deceased city in present-day Venezuela called Septem, Patron De Septem came to the Caribbean as a man who would soon become a notorious pirate. It is believed that Patron De Septem was the former apprentice under El Patron before El Patron died, which is why Patron De Septem has such a mysterious ghostly power. Patron De Septem is not evil like El Patron, however, instead he helps pirates he finds on his journey who are in need by spreading his wisdom as well as providing his assistance in combat. Patron De Septem is the captain of The Cutthroat Cobra, the fastest and most deadly quick-striking War Sloop in all of the Caribbean. Patron De Septem is not a proud crew member of the Black Pearl, but he does plan on assisting Jack Sparrow with his problems. As a result of his apprenticeship, Patron De Septem cannot die, but instead he too will become a powerful ghost just as El Patron did. Patron De Septem favors the strength that he is provided from bright red garments that are forged by the corpses of his foes, and he will one day cure the Caribbean of Jolly Roger.
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    I evolved from an arc of ancient volcanoes named rikitiki that rose from the sea millions of years ago. During my period of submersion, thick layers of limestone were laid down over me, along with the old igneous and metamorphic rock, with the limestone being thousands of feet thick in some places. In between the rugged John Crow Mountains and Dry Harbour Mountains, the limestone layers were broken by the older rocks. I am one of those fragments, and I was weathered down a lot due to the elements over the next several millennia or so. Unlike the other rocks, however, I temporarily gained the ability to change colors.
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    Elizabeth Goldfoote was the daughter of a wealthy nobleman in London. She had a happy, carefree childhood with parents who loved her very much. Her mother died of tuberculosis when she was fifteen. At eighteen, her father decided it was time for her to marry. Upon hearing the news, she ran crying all the way to the London docks. She stowed away on a ship bound for Tortuga. The ship was only a fur-trading vessel, but was sunk by the Royal Navy. Elizabeth was pulled from the wreckage and thrown in Rambleshack. She had no trial, no one even bothered to listen to the fact that she was no pirate. Her father died from a grief-stricken heart attack when he learned where she had ended up. She grew to hate the English government when she met Jack Sparrow. She was alone in prison, a poor, homeless orphan. She busted out of Rambleshack with Jack, got her first weapon and made straight for Port Royal. She had only the clothes on her back, and one of her mother’s rings that she wore on her toe, hence her taking the name “Goldfoote”. Operating out of Port Royal, Captain Elizabeth Goldfoote plunders Navy and EITC ships with her mates.
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    Hmmm... Oden's ill-behaved stepchild?
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    Eric was born in India and was left outside by his prostitute mother. He was adopted by a family unable to conceive children. Eric was an autistic child who had no friends, other than another disabled child named Jacob, also adopted. Eric's father was a drunkard and abusive, and often beat Eric with a door stopper. Once Eric was 18, he left home and was taken under the wing of an exploitative pirate. Eventually, he became known as an obese pirate whose screech would rid the world of all normies and weeaboos.
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    You all have way to much time on your hands lol. But to each their own. c:
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    Cross Creed is the son of the famous yet forgotten legendary looter Michael Warsteel. He grew up on the streets of Port Royal alone with his sister, after their mom Kate and dad Michael passed away due to the mass extermination of pirates by the Mouse Plague back in 2013. He surviving with acts of petty theft from rich Navy and EITC folk around the island.

    Growing up, Cross always loved hearing looting stories from his father. He would sit on his father's ship with his sister and listen to tales of famous looters that would spend countless hours at South Idol on Raven's Cove trying to uncover legendary cursed blades and bright clothing.

    As the world evolved, and the pirate community got back together, Cross has managed to rise above the ranks and discipline himself and his skills to reach the level of pirate master.

    His aims are to become a master legendary looter and loot all the legendary blades just like his father Michael Warsteel did, to raise his name among the ranks of his dad and all of the famous looters he heard stories of as a child, including Jack Cannonskull, Plunder Kidd, Blackbeard, Capt. Sharktooth, Kyle Swordhunter, Cory No-Ko, Thomas Goldskull, Jim Hexskull, John Foulroberts, Mike from DA, Drewski and many others.
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    lol "the mouse plague".
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    When Charlotte woke up in jail, the only thing she remembered was her first name. Who is she? Why was she in jail? How does Captain Jack Sparrow know her? Why does everyone think she's a pirate? Charlotte doesn't know, but she's determined to find out. Until she learns her real last name, Charlotte calls herself Redfox after her red hair.