What is your favorite thing to do on POTCO?

What do you like to do when you're online? You can post what you like to do, and maybe why you like that certain thing!
For me, I like to:

Loot: I love to loot because looting is random. Its full of surprises and excitement! (Or the complete opposite, LOL.) It also gets you some good clothing and most importantly, good weapons.

Constance O'hara

Pirate Lord
Hmm.... my favorite thing to do is SvS....
Probably 'cause it's fun to watch ppl run away and then fail miserably at running and sink...
Or because it's HILARIOUS to watch people Take Cover! then two seconds later die.
I'm an evil person..... :D
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I also like SvS because all the battles are different. It's pretty rare that you will be fighting the same type of battle twice unless you are fighting the same ship over and over. If you sink a ship, I fell like i accomplished something because it was against another player and if I sink, Then i learn how to sink my enemy back. Oh and not to forget, It requires a lot of skill and I always like a challenge and SvS is the one to offer it in this game.


Honorable Pirate
Potion brewing...just kidding...but I didn't mind it too much honestly. Now that I am in a real guild, things related to that, guild stuff and guild chatting (because I haven't been able to do that for so long) and poker the best. That's right lazy pirate, Jukka's blade is sharp, but Jukka also fancys gambling and I'll sit on my bum for an hour or so and play poker no problem.


Bobby Flat Foot

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I love talking to people in my guild!!! I also like fishing, looting pretty much anything suites me!! Potions on the other hand... I have a burning hate for potions but I have to do them xD

Constance O'hara

Pirate Lord
-Another thing I like to do is level up... No just kidding I hate leveling up to death....
-Well another thing I forgot to mention I like to do is PvP. I like watching weaker foes die because I pwned them...
-And I also LOVE showing off my skills in sailing and my strong broadsides on helpless EITC and Navy...


Pirate Master
These would be my favorite things to do... and there are many more just not gonna have this list go forever lol.

Hang out and talk to freinds.
Shop xD!
Quests. (Which i rarely do.)
Mess Around.