What music do YOU like

Finn H.

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hey i was wondering what music people here listen to and what artist they are into now. personally i like Rap then Hip-Hop and after that rnb and right now im listening to Akon's rnb/rap songs like keep you much longer and beutiful and there is his rap song that im not going to say the name of because some people might take offence to it

Amelia Darkskull

Site Founder
I listen to mostly Electronic music, Dubstep, Electro House, Trance, Techno. I like to Rap and Rock some Pop and for some reason i like Oldies. Im open to all types of music.
Pink Floyd Rules


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I don't have a certain type of music it's normally something that i'll hear on the radio or something and i really like it i'll go find it on itunes.

Constance O'hara

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lol country songs are sometimes good, other times, not so much...... sugarland isnt rly good, she fakes her accent and it sounds hilarious.... :lol1:
carrie underwood is awesome
so is the zac brown band..
and Jerrod Niemann
and brad paisley. lol