Glitch  What Realy Happens When You Sink?

Captain Hi

Pirate Lord
i was privateering when the ships health bar got stuck on my screen after i logged out and back in teleported back to my friend and the ship had sunk once i had arrived after i soon knew what it was like to be lost at sea untill i fell through the water and rained down from the sky to fall upon the verry ship that had been lost to me and when i soon realized where i had been the sky spun and shook as everything became backwards
screenshot_2011-03-13_11-47-47.jpg screenshot_2011-03-13_11-47-52.jpg screenshot_2011-03-13_11-48-07.jpg screenshot_2011-03-13_11-50-35.jpg

"Even if the morrow is barren of promises
Nothing shall forestall my return"
it gets very annoying i go off for a minute come back my ship sinks then i need to log out and log back in