What server does everyone play on?

I play on Shadowlands and run 2 guilds there. Pub side look for Paladins of the Republic, Imp side we're Paladins of the Empire. Most of my toons have 'lynn or 'lynne in their name, my male toons are all Samuel's (my homage to my Samantha's from POTCO). SWTOR is my main game, I only just started here about a week ago.
Ok let me rephrase. Is there a sever most of the community plays on or is everyone pretty much scattered?
no, i am still on Jedi Covenant...i do have begining toons on Harbinger though i do not play them....i may remake some of them to see the new scenimatics for the new expansion
Shadowlands. Sometimes I wish it was like POTCO with flexible servers. Although I guess it does provide a more consistently enjoyable experience for the player!
attempting to revive this thread! On the Satele Shan server, I'm a raidleader and officer of Kyber Society (pubside) and Kyber Syndicate (impside). We're always open to new recruits, and are a very friendly guild, so if anyone wants to join, just ask :) we mostly do pve content (fp's/dailies/operations)