What things from the original game would you like to see back?

What would you like to see from the beginning?

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Jim Hexskull

Wiki Staff
There were lots of things in the original game that were better than they are now. When I say original game I mean before they changed the islands. There were more starter clothes, Hair styles, Beards, Mustaches, and many more. I also think they should put the body shapes back to how they used to be, because they are all the same now. So lets take a vote above. /\


Wanted Pirate
........ and definitely that color wheel for clothes!
That would be nice to have that back for sure!

I miss holes in sails while SvS. Seeing the enemy crew in SvS then burning them with me staff while others grape em!

Constance O'hara

Pirate Lord
I say all of the above, I especially want the old body styles back... I have grown tired of the same pirate body styles that look plain and boring.

Tahoe Wolf

Site Founder
I voted all of the above, I'd also like to see the coin flip animation brought back and the ability to see and talk to other pirates ship to ship while sailing.
Disney programmers coupld also be a lot less stingy with loot which would encourage more sailing and plundering at sea.


Pirate Master
I never played POTCO before they changed everything, but just from what i have heard here i would have to say all of the above.

Bobby Flat Foot

Pirate Lord
All of the above. They changed everything because people were supposedly complaining about lag. I think they just ran out of $$ so they had to downgrade everything and never upgraded again...

Sven Ironwalker

Site Founder
All of the above but mostly the bodies and islands... I really dont like the new island design especially caves that have no large areas. Some of the scenery I think in the caves just dont click with me anymore because everything is in tight little paths rather than open rooms.

Bart Gunshot

Site Founder
well.. ive never played before like last year... but from what ive heard i have to pick all of the above and heres something noobs always do... complain if u complain other ppl will start complaining then finally pirates will take it out to work on it or take it out for good but theres also things that need to be added like ship customization and my idea is for like houses? possibly or to be able to go into ur ship oh and glitches more glitches need to be added :D lol

Tahoe Wolf

Site Founder
This sort of ties into the original topic, but the new weapons and loot along with the revive feature have sort of turned into a mixed blessing. What I'm getting at is now if you happen to be at a boss such as Darkheart, more than likely someone else is going to come along soon even more likely a bunch of people will show up. Often the conversation turns to people asking how many legendary, cursed or famed weapons you have, bragging about the ones they have etc... Seems like no one is just out to level up anymore with the loot craze for legendary weapons and its getting harder to find places away from the crowds to level. Granted some of the new weapons are great and far better than the junk we got from the weapons quests that we worked so hard to get. Our pirates are a lot tougher now with these weapons than when I first started playing, but then bosses didn't exist when I started. When you had leveled up enough then you could tackle Davy Jones crew on Tormenta as these were the toughest enemies in game. The revive feature has also turned into a mixed blessing, now we are seeing low level pirates in places where they have no business being, simply because now they expect others to revive them when they do something stupid such as attacking Remington, or Darkheart, or that level 50 Thrall in Tormenta. You've all seen them, they get clobbered and begin screaming HELP!!!! HELP!!!! spamming up the chat. Sometimes I wish that they would add some bosses that only dropped clothing items and gold, no weapons drops in order that we could have more places to level without having to compete with mobs of people seeking legendary weapons.
I said origalnal starters cuz way back when u could have any color of shirts and way more belts, u could have the dark shirts if u wanted!!! Now they are hard to come by these days! :(