what to do if people don't talk in guild

what would you do for a person to talks too much and no one else can get a word in? not a proublem in my guild, but have seen other large guild like that. 2 or 3 pirates just take over the chat.:mad:
You should always be aware of the quiet ones you never know what there planning lol. If someones quiet there probly not having fun at the moment or are afk so whiespering to them and ahcing a convo with them can make them more active and less shy to talk in chat.
i have guild members that do talk i try to talk to them on local chat and whisper to them and over guild chat so i think they are kids and dont know how to type yet or maybe there parents wont let them i dont know lol but i have a good guild and i have alot of ppl talking in my guild so im happy but i do have some that dont talk lol
My mastered pirate is Gm of Leave N0 Undead and the ppl never come on or never talk... so if u like to talk and want to join a guild see me! xD