What type of you music do you lisen to while you are here or on the game?

What type of music do you lisen to well playing the game?

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Honorable Pirate
I'm listening to whatever is on my Zune....sometimes it's the POTC movies' soundtracks (...btw, the soundtrack to POTC4 has some awesome guitar work on it)

Finn H.

Honorable Pirate
omg u forgot 2 generes RAP and RAP/HIPHOP P ill just go with hiphop

but if ypu really wanna no me just listen to mixtapes like macklemore and chris webby

Constance O'hara

Pirate Lord
Rap, Country, Rock, Black Metal, Metal, Hard Rock, Indie Rock, Two Steps From Hell, Pirate Rock, and... The Fray.
The Fray is so aweome it doesn't belong in a genre... :|
90% of the time The Fray is being played at full volume on my computer. I suggest listening to Over My Head, How to Save a Life, and You Found Me. Good songs, and they have meaning to them.

Finn H.

Honorable Pirate
i like...
no sunlight...
i will possess your heart...
the employment pages (itunes originals version)...
and bixby cannon bridge.

i also like creep and lurgee by radio head

but i dont listen to that music that much... anymore...

Zia Badncool

Site Founder
I love rap and caribbean music(dancehall, reggae, calypso...etc...) but ill listen to many different types of music if the lyrics are conscious [meaning lyrics with good meaning]. :D