what would you do if you woke up on potco

what would you do if you woke up on potco

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OMG! I would LOVE it! :excited: I was told more than once, that I played too much I would turn into a real pirate ...
But, I would eventually miss my real life and want to go back.

I would be fantastic if I could go back and forth between the two worlds! Smart ppl out there (ehm!), please invent a 'time machine' (or whatever machine) that could transport me into the pirate world? And don't forget ... that same machine has to be able to transport me back to real life! :D


Wanted Pirate
I would cry with happiness... mainly because, like Miss Anne said, REALITY would be gone. And I would be rich and powerful :p

And I would have a boat (actually more than one). I've always wanted a boat :)

Does this mean I have an infinite number of lives though and never age? :cool:

Rose Sunslipper

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oh geez.... that would seriously be the best day of my life if that happened o_o!! everything is so easy going on potco... all the manly pirates around you... it would be like heaven :D no, really though it would be awesome.. no school, work, etc. i wonder if it would hurt dying though? dunno...

Kate Goldwalker

Fairy Tail Girl
I'd be extremely happy. Get to live the life of a pirate for real. First thought though would be: "Dang, I hope I can REALLY use these weapons!" Second thought would be: "Well, if I die, then I'll wake up in jail.... I hope..." Third though would be: "Time to go find Will and smooch!!" :cool: