What's a Disney Audition like?

James O'martin

Pirate Lord
Hey, I was just curious what is a Disney Audition like? I heard that they give you a script, or have you sing? Has anyone on here, tried out before? I'd just like to be ready if I ever got the opportunity. :) :fight: What would they be looking for? I tried looking it up, but I don't know if this site was for Disney Park Auditions or Disney Shows. I'm looking for Disney Show auditions, I'm just curious. Thanx, peoples.
Do you have an agent? For the shows they sometime do open casting calls and they advertise with your states film boards, major papers etc.(if your are in California it's easier to find open calls).
But most of those kids get their auditions through their agencies. General auditions you do a cold reading of a script in front of a camera to see how you look and sound on film, then if they like you you will usually come back in for a second reading. As for the singing it really depends on the specific show. You will either fill out an informational form or have a resume attached to your headshot that tells them about any fun talents or hobbies you have (like singing, dance, insturments, skateboarding or whatever) and if they see something they want to explore then you address that with them!
This is super duper general I know but there are great books out there that can help you on your way. Good luck!

How do I know this? My younger sister is an actress and did Disney audtions :D
I'll try to look into that for u James. R u talking about Disney theme parks shows? (such as.. Beauty & the Beast) Or actually being on a Disney show? :confused:
Like being on a Disney Show, whatever is possible for Disney. I'm trying out an open call, and I'm not at that stage yet of needing an agent.
A mouse will give you a script tell you to read it and if your a good actor you get the spot. If your a small kid who can't act they'll make you work the it's a small world ride were you'll sing all day.
Like in Family Guy? xD lol