Glitch  Whats With My Pirates 'new' Body?!?

Well wouldn't be as bad as Crazy Ned and Scary Mary having a baby pirate :eek::rumgone:

Eh? Crazy Ned and Scary Mary are a match made in heaven! Who knows, maybe that's where we got Igor?

Note: Prove it to yourself! Throw siege bombs at Mary, Ned and Igor - none take damage, all just laugh when you try! QED.
crazy ned and scary mary. wow. cowers in hear. :eek:
I wish they would bring back the old bodies. I don't like features on the new ones. But we get stuck with them.
actually if you look at my avatar in like my boyfriend thread that is the old avatar boddy. i was told while i was playing test that they changed the avatars due to certain discrempancies on the female avatars. check out a female avatar ( the old version ) while she is using a broadsword. that will explain alot. they told us on test it was because of certain graphics packages would be to glitchy and ummm expose pirates with the old avatars so they gave us new ones. we choose the old bodys on test and the mouse ablidged us. but from what i was told by a few close friends is that the old avatars were discontinued in late '08 so now if you delete an old pirate to make a new one that avatar will be gone forever. i hope this sheds some light on the subject. ;)